Tax & Financial Planning for Christian Business Owners & Families

Be purpose-driven and save more, give more, and enjoy more.

✓ Reduce Taxes

✓ Plan for the Future

✓ Increase Profitability

✓ Give Generously

Wise stewardship isn’t easy

Too many business owners are unclear when it comes to their finances.

● You feel guilty about spending money on yourself.
● You’re unsure of how to plan for the future.
● You feel stressed.
● You worry you won’t have enough to retire.
● You dream about having the freedom to be generous.

You don’t have to choose between generosity and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

A Stewardship Story

Dominic & Esther

Dominic and Esther were busy and successful. And although they were high-income earners, they found themselves stressed and constantly fighting about finances.

We took the couple through our 4-Step Discovery Process and they were “blown away.” By working through our Faith, Family, Finance & Fellowship Program™, they discovered why they were constantly fighting and helped them realign their money with their values.

We helped them restructure their businesses and real estate portfolio to
● maximize their profit
● increase cash flow
● reduce their tax burden
● triple their giving to their local church and community
● properly structure their estate

Now, Dominic and Esther don’t fight about finances. They’re confident they are being good stewards.

Dominic and Esther said they couldn’t have created —or followed—such a clear plan that was authentic to their goals and needs without the help of Seun at True Wealth Advisors.

Get Started Today

1. Schedule a call

We’ll spend 15 minutes getting to know one another to determine if we’re a good fit.

2. Receive a clear proposal

Based on our conversation, I’ll create a plan for how we can work together and what your investment will be.

3. Move forward in confidence

Be able to love and serve out of the confidence that you’re stewarding your resources well.

We Can Help You

● Improve cash flow in your business.
● Find the best way to honor the Lord with your money.
● Be proactive with your spending and saving.
● See your money help and bless others.
● Be more present and enjoy your family.

“[Your] trust should be in God, who richly gives us
all we need for our enjoyment.” —1 Timothy 6:17 NLT

Meet Seun

I understand the hard work owning a business entails. And I know the heartfelt desire to honor the Lord with your money. I believe you should have the clarity you need to be generous and to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard for.

I’m a Certified Financial Planner® with a unique focus: I help Christians business owners with a high net worth increase their strategic stewardship—so they’re both spiritually and financially successful.

I’ve been helping fellow believers walk through the intricacies of tax planning, insurance, and increasing their profitability since 2008.

With True Wealth Advisors, you’ll go from overworking and feeling like you’ve buried your talents to confidently being a great steward of the Lord’s blessings.

Our 4-Step Process

We’ll help you discover who you were created to be and and what you’re called to do.


1. The Purpose Call

We’ll dive deep and explore the question “Are you living out your God-given purpose in your work?

2. Learn Your Money Mind

Discover your tendencies when it
comes to money—are you a saver, giver, spender, etc.



3. The Transitions Call

Be able to love and serve out of the confidence that you’re stewarding your resources well.

4. Number Stories

What is the story of the numbers?
Is that the story you want your finances to tell?



What’s your money personality?

Understanding your natural tendencies when it comes to money helps clear the fog when it comes to talking about finances.

This free guide breaks down the common money personalities and the benefits and pitfalls of each.

● Security
● Planning
● Spontaneous
● Status
● Giving
● Carefree