4 Steps to Successful Family Financial Planning

by True Wealth Advisors

Family financial planning is more than just cutting down expenses and depriving yourself and your family of certain luxuries; it takes serious preparation. If you’re successful, the benefits are worth the time and effort. Here are four simple steps to successful family financial planning:

Fresh Start

Before you can move on with your family financial planning, it is best to go back to the start of the line by getting rid of your debt. After you are done with it, you can start saving money for your family’s future. To effectively manage your debt, it is important that you begin living only off of what you make and not what you can borrow.

The most common form of debt comes from credit cards. Although they are very useful during emergencies, credit cards can be a real burden on one’s finances – they make spending money far too easy and can create poor financial habits.

If you were to only pay the minimum amount each month on a $3,000.00 balance, it would take almost 20 years to pay off such a debt. Even worse, you could pay over $4,000.00 in interest alone. In spite of it all, getting rid of debt is a bit easier than you think. First, you should exercise great restraint, and make a decision to stop using your credit card. Second, figure the amount that you can easily spend every month on your debt.  Make sure you are paying more than the minimum amount.

Make a List

Also important in family financial planning is to write down a complete list of your monthly expenses to determine where your money is going. You should know how much you need to spend annually and how much you aim to spend over your working lifetime.  Include everything you spent over the last few months to get the real, accurate numbers.

Set Your Goals

Many families fail to see the importance of setting specific goals. Sit down with your partner and outline some plans for the future. It is important to consider your family’s situation after a few years and how to achieve that plan. Make your goals specific and realistic.

Educated Decisions

For a successful financial future, it is important that you and your loved ones do not earn and spend freely;  be aware of where your money is going each time you spend. Basic household commodities, bills, investments, savings and credit card use are all part of it. Finances can be very difficult to handle but learning how to deal with them is your key to financial well being.

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